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Feedback from our customers...

“ The quality and service we get from Robert is first rate. The turkeys are beautifully presented, the conformation and finish is outstanding. We have lots of feedback from our customers after Christmas about the turkeys thanking us for such a great table bird ”

N Coles- Coles quality Butchers- Rugely, Staffs.

“ Thank you to Robert for an excellent turkey crown. As this was my first I sought advice and followed it to the letter. Two hours of foil wrapped and carefully temperature controlled cooking, followed by allowing the bird to rest for a good 30 minutes produced what was probably the most moist and tender Christmas meal that I have enjoyed ”

Barry Pearson, Ashbourne News Telegraph (Wednesday, January 7, 2015).

If you are considering purchasing one of our birds whether it is direct from the farm, through one of our quality butchers and farm shops, or via our online shop I hope this gives you a further insight into my farming operation and the confidence to purchase, what I consider to be a great eating experience for you, your family and your friends.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas.

Harry scragg - Original turkey farmer

“Here at Dale Bank Farm, in the heart of north Staffordshire, we are the oldest turkey farmers in the UK. My Grandfather, Harry, started the family tradition in 1928 by rearing 400 turkeys for Christmas. I am now the third generation in this small family business rearing 2300 birds for quality butchers, farm shops and members of the general public. I still honour the traditional techniques handed down from my Grandfather as all the turkeys are plucked, then hung (the traditional way) and dressed by hand, just the way that my Father and Grandfather did it.

It is very important to me to provide the highest standard and quality so all my customers have the best tasting and most succulent turkey on Christmas Day. The birds come to the farm as day old chicks and are given the best attention to make sure they grow and thrive in the finest environment possible. My turkeys have the freedom to roam and sun themselves in the field and sleep on home grown straw. They are fed the highest quality corn to ensure maximum flavour. When Christmas arrives the birds are fat and mature and prepared for the table with every care and attention to detail.

I rear turkeys from 4kg through to 24kg. The most popular weight range is from 4kg to 10kg and all of these birds are hens because of the conformation (this is the shape of the bird). The bigger birds are all males because of the size and weight they have to grow to.

I select the breeds on a variety of factors which, in my experience, enhances the quality and ultimately the eating experience of the turkey. The end product is what is important to keep our standards as high as we can..

—Robert Scragg

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